Pamela Holloway is an Aboriginal woman from both, the Kwakwakawakw (mother’s side), and Tsimshian (father’s side), First Nations. Born in Alert Bay, British Columbia, in 1962, Holloway’s roots are strongly embedded in her traditional language and culture. A granddaughter of hereditary chief, James Sewid (deceased), Pamela takes great pride in every aspect of the work she does and also in sharing her rich and diverse heritage. An artist, photographer, songwriter, singer, author and educator, Holloway’s prolific talent flows and weaves its way throughout her many creations.

Holloway, in many respects, is a one woman show and Cedar Moon Creations is a home based business run independently, by her, alone. From creating her unique and culturally rich products, to packaging and shipping out orders, Holloway does it all. She is proud to label her business as 100% Native Canadian Owned and Operated.

Creating something new, be it painting a picture, writing a new song or story, all have become a passionate and heartfelt endeavour for Holloway.

“Evolution, like creation, is a natural process and should not be hindered. The need for growth and expression in all cultures is necessary. It is really important to preserve the past, but it is also important to keep creating, to ensure the continued growth of both the people and the individual. I am very proud of my Native Heritage and I will continue to evolve and create, and I will continue to learn from my elders, and I will continue to share our peoples history through art, song, literature and education.”

Holloway is a member of the Cape Mudge Indian Band and resides in Campbell River, with her husband, Rick, and daughter, Taylor. Pamela finds inspiration for her creations in many forms, including her environment, her family, her friends, and her community. She feels blessed to live in an area that is surrounded by the rugged coastal mountains and the, often, turbulent oceans of the Pacific. A lover of nature and of local plant life, walking the many trails in Campbell River is a favourite family tradition, especially in the Spring. Of course, Holloway always has camera in hand, as she will never stop the search for that perfect shot. As well, Holloway is employed as an educator by the Aboriginal Education Department in the Campbell River School District.

“My goal is to continue to create materials that reflect my heritage and ancestry in an authentic and honest fashion. I love creating new books and songs and I love coming up with new ideas for games and other activities that I hope will help to shine a positive light on my beautiful First Nations people and culture. I feel inspired to do my small, but enjoyable, part in keeping our traditions alive and thriving, for all to share.”